Green Goals: The Advantages of Sustainable Waste Disposal and Management

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, each citizen in Australia generates an average of 1.2 tonnes of waste each year. Amongst this appalling statistic, Australians waste around $8 billion worth of food each year. Much of it ends up in a landfill.

Taking stock of the future, it is estimated that 6 million tons of waste will be produced per day in 2025, double the current level. It translates into each citizen generating six times their weight in garbage, as estimated by the World Bank. An estimate that makes one think and that, if not stopped, the scenario ends with the planet Earth full of garbage.

The waste mismanaged goes straight to the landfill, producing: pollution, poor image, odours, greenhouse, etc. The awareness of everyone in society involves calibrating what is purchased, what is wasted, and what we recycle, thus closing the circle and avoiding irreversible environmental effects in the long term.

Hiring a waste management company

Waste management companies offer waste pickup and contractual disposal services, where the most efficient equipment is always used. What size is a normal wheelie bin provided by these companies? It depends on your level of requirement, and in this article, we bring you complete details regarding it.

Efficient waste management would make the recycling of plastics, glass, paper, and organic the same in each autonomous community of Australia, where they are the ones that generate the most tons of garbage per year, as mentioned above.

Our consumer society has reached the level that food in containers is manufactured in the case of cities. They do not last too long; 5-8% of new foods end up in the garbage with the packaging, can or glass included, without Recycle. This is where most of the packaging problem comes, where the consumer cannot freely decide between choosing a food that is already packaged and another that is not, mainly because of the price it entails.

Waste management takes its toll on health. It has a big impact. Many children in the world collect lead batteries and develop diseases by contact with this e-waste.

The urban management sustainable and healthy help plan resources efficiently and especially facing a future that every day is fuller of waste.

In Australia, one of the companies to specialize inefficient waste disposal and management is Skip Bins. The 24/7 waste disposal company in Australia books appointments with multiple contractors across the country who carry out disposal services.

Skip Bins offer bins, wheelie bins in different categories. You ask: what size is a normal wheelie bin? Head to Skip Bins’ website and get an estimate of the bin size with a standard wheelie.

Importance of sustainable waste management

According to the 2015 Paris Summit, the solution is “Innovation, environmental sustainability, and awareness: waste is resources” and, therefore, materials, which means that we should produce waste and then recycle it by feeding on it.

The residues are very useful for future use and can be valuable if treated properly through recycling processes and practice, especially materials of paper and plastic. With the paper, a treatment is carried out to give it an appearance as white as possible, through chemical components and finally through pressing machines to reach the appropriate thickness for recycled paper in reels. New bottles, containers, bike lane dividers, and traffic milestones are made with plastic material.

There are public administrations in other countries where the main consumers of recycled plastic products are the administrations themselves. In elements such as bollards, fences, posts, benches, etc.

These uses from the proper management of recycling propel us to a viable alternative to the pollution that we can generate. The activities promoted by the Government in this area must be promulgated to all citizens so that each one of them adequately manages their waste at a personal and family level. Likewise, government agencies should observe and sanction citizens who do not make good use of waste management.


Leaving aside the landfill, since this option is the least bad within what it would be not to recycle. The fact that it can be reused, either as raw material, energy, or as a commodity itself, means that storage in these landfills is reduced. It also has a secondary impact on improved handling of materials housed in landfill sites, as they are not overflowing.

Final Thoughts

Well, we cannot ignore the environmental impact of waste. In this regard, recycling contributes positively, avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming through energy savings. It also stops all animal and plant species from disappearing due to polluting discharges into the waters.

Continuing with the environmental thread, which is an extremely important advantage when talking about recycling, we cannot ignore the energy advantage of the extraction of raw materials to build new materials. The savings, raw materials, and energy required for extraction and processing are among the main advantages of recycling.

Featured Image Source: Pexels