How Long can you have a Skip Bin for? Learn all about Skip Bins

If you are off tackling any of the bigger field jobs around the house or office by making trips back and forth to the garbage dump, it could be time to hire a skip bin. For those clean up jobs that your normal garbage bin can not handle, skip bins are the perfect solution. A skip bin will help to make a big job look more manageable, whether you are cleaning out the yard, decluttering the home, or tearing out the kitchen to make room for a new one, you need it. But do you how long you can have a skip bin for? If not, then you will get all your answers here.

How Long Can I Keep The Skip Bin?

The cost of a skip usually covers rent for up to 2 weeks. The pick-up date is adjustable, also, it can start from 3 days too and end till 7 days. You may either decide when you want the skip collected at the time of hiring, or, once you know that you require a little more time, the request for later collection can be lodged. In general, skip bin hires come and collect within a few days of a request, so if you think it could be crucial to get the skip bin picked up by a certain date, then make sure that they are given a fair period of notice (for delayed collection).

In simpler words, if you need a skip bin for more than two weeks, then when you book, just ask the department to provide grace time. They may charge extra, or they may simply consent to extend the rental at no extra cost. In fact, keeping the skip at your property a few days longer does not exactly cost the skip company anything, unless they are running out of skip bins back at their yard and are turning away customers! So, if the skip is put on a street, keep in mind that you will have to extend your skip permit and any suspension for parking. Both cost cash, but longer hire times, anyway, will lead to extra charges.

Restrictions On Access – Skip Lorry Access Criteria

Skip bins are usually shipped on large 7.5-ton HGV lorries that are wider than a vehicle. Make sure the skip lorry has enough room to reach the location where you want the skip to be stored or consider changing the location. If access to the road or gate is narrow, check beforehand with your skip hire company that the lorry measurements would match.

Weight Limits – How Much Weight Do I Place In A Skip?

Weight limitations apply to skips, but for householders, these constraints are rarely a concern. This is because householders do not want to fill skips with tons of very heavy waste, like soil and debris (unlike builders or landscape gardeners). However, it is very unlikely to be a concern unless you intend to hire a skip that is larger than 8 cubic yards and fill it completely with dirt, bricks, sand, or rubble.

The following table offers a rough guide to weight limits, although they differ quite a bit by missing business.

Skip Size Bin Bags Maximum Weight
2 Yard 15 to 20 2 Tonnes
4 Yard 30 to 40 4 Tonnes
6 Yard 50 to 60 6 Tonnes
8 Yard 60 to 80 8 Tonnes
10 Yard 80 to 100 8 Tonnes
12 Yard 100 to 120 8 Tonnes

Skip Hire Level Loads – How Big can I Load a Skip?

Most skips have clearly written the phrase ‘level loads only’ on the side and the skip hire terms and conditions would also state the same. This means that above the height of its sides, you can never fill your skip. If you reach this height, you risk that the skip lorry driver may refuse to collect the skip or ask you to empty all the extra items before removing them. This is because overloaded skips are unsafe to transport as items may spill out on the road and cause others to be hurt or injured.

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Source: National Consumers League

How to Safeguard your Driveway

Driveways made with soft tarmac or block paving have the potential to be damaged by skips. This can easily be prevented, by inserting scaffolding planks or large pieces of wood to help the skip. Bear in mind also that skip lorries are heavy and they are much heavier when they carry away your loaded skip. However, your skip bins will be safeguarded best by Find Skip Bins because their utmost priority is to maintain safety and safeguard as it matters the most.

When the skip bin is filled, skip lorries use stabilizers. Such metal legs exert considerable ground pressure and can dent soft tarmac or crack paving stones. Always talk to the skip provider first for their guidance about how to secure it if you are concerned about harm to your drive.

When Or When not is the Best Time to Hire a Skip Bin

A skip bin is perfect for messy, heavy waste that you produce over a number of days, provided you have room to place it on your land. Replacing your old bathroom, for instance, or redesigning your garden. It contains the waste well and leaves plenty of tiny bits of waste away from your drive or garden. So, if the waste is not disturbing your place it is good to have in your place but as long as it starts creating the mess it is the time when you are advised to hire a skip bin.

To Summarize

Before opting for the skip bin make sure you have the right measurement in your mind such as; size, waste type, volume, etc. And make sure that you can have a skip bin for 3 to 7 days only so if you require more time just talk about it before getting the one.

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