Green Garden Waste

Green/Garden Waste


This is biodegradable waste. You can dispose of any waste that is decomposable by bacteria. Typically, Green waste consists of flowers, leaves, barks, tree branches, twigs, grass, weeds and the like. Following different types of waste categories, it may be tough sometimes for you to distinguish green garden rubbish with other wastes.

Particularly, the organic components in the waste can be processed through a different process. Unlike other households, plastics, green garbage can be turned into compost. Managing this waste type can contribute to a number of benefits to the ecosystem.

Do's & Don'ts

Here's a generic list of what you CAN and what you CAN'T within garden waste category.

Grass No general waste
Leaves No cleanfill/hardfill
Tree stumps No food waste
Small branches No soil
  No Hazardous material e.g Asbestos

We advise you to be mindful of not disposing waste types such as General waste, Food waste, Soil/Clay, Garden waste and Hazardous materials as Green Garden Waste.

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